Blog: A Prayer for Ukraine and Beyond

We come before you, Adonai, praying for peace.
A new war has begun, and hundreds of innocent people are dying….
We pray for the strength and courage of the few faced with
the ruthless power of the many.
We stand together with our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine,
the birthplace of so many of our ancestors,
a place where the Jewish people has known both light and darkness.
We pray for a quick end to the raging conflict and the senseless bloodshed.
May our people remember that wherever a Jew is in danger or hurt,
we all feel that danger and pain as well.
As they seek cover from the life-threatening missiles
and fire falling from the sky, as they help the elderly
and hug their children tightly, and defend their homeland,
we pray that they can maintain hope that a Sukkat Shalom
–a canopy of blessing and peace— will soon emerge above them.
May all the innocent people in the Ukraine and throughout the region
know that we are with them. Even from afar, we hear their cries.
May they know that we will continue to advocate for peace among nations
and that we will strengthen our commitment to aid and protect
every human being.
May the Source of All Life protect all of humanity from violence.
May the Source of Peace bring wisdom to their leaders and
bring a sense of tranquility, shalvah, to the people of the region
and peace to all who are endangered.

Rabbi Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Ph.D.
February 2022

Consider these ways to respond immediately:
1) The World Union for Progressive Judaism: Aid to the Reform Communities
in the region.
2) The JDC, Joint Distribution Committee: Ongoing Aid to Jews throughout the region;
3) IsraAid: Israel’s largest NGO to dispatch emergency team to aid in areas of crises.

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